CHAPTER SIX |Bureaucracy

Dani looked surprised, but she followed Milena into Aaron’s dining room. On the way there, she saw Janus and motioned for him to follow as well. When they got in, Milena closed the door.


She leaned against the dining table and took a deep breath before she spoke: “I want to tell Aaron about the Talented Ones.”

Janus raised an eyebrow and shared a look with Dani, who smiled nervously.

“That’d get you in an awful lot of trouble,” Dani said. “With the secrecy clauses and all.”

Milena sighed. “Yes, I know, but I want to make one of those applications. You know, you told me that you can do that. Fill out a form and be allowed to tell a commoner about all of this here, for their own good.”

The two of them shared another look, making Milena want to scream at them.


“What is your reasoning for a disclosure, then?” Janus asked.

That he saw me use my stupid Talent and I’m afraid he’ll tell on me, Milena thought, but out loud she said:

“He doesn’t trust us, and I’m afraid he’ll see through our cover. If I could tell him everything, he might trust us more.” She balled her hands into fists as they shared another look, and said: “Okay, if I’m being insane you can just come out and say it.”

“It’s not that, Mills,” Dani said. “It’s actually good that you’re so passionate.”

Janus nodded. “I agree. You seem to care a great deal for our assignment, and that’s a good sign.”

“Then what’s the problem? And don’t you dare share another of those looks.”

She stood up and started pacing the room. Meanwhile, Dani said: “We’re actually going to leave here soon. We don’t think he’s in danger anymore. Janus and Sally interrogated the two assassins and they got nothing out of them.”


Milena felt a sense of panic well up in her entire body. “But that could be because they’re not the only ones involved. Maybe they’re sending someone else for him.”

“Hey, there’ll be a guard here when we leave,” Dani said. “There’s just not much we can do here. It’ll be easier to do research and stuff when we’re back at HQ.”

“This will all end badly,” Milena told both of them. “He… he disappeared the other day.”

“He was in the back of the garden, and the guard was lazy,” Janus waved her off.

But that wasn’t it. He’d come back so tense and angry with her; he’d told her that he couldn’t see how he could trust them. Something bad would happen, and she felt so sure that it made her feel sick.

“I’ll try no matter what you say,” Milena said. “I think it would help him… help us.”

Her partners both looked at her, and Dani’s eyes were soft. “I understand, Mills.”

Their eyes met.


“It’s not just me that’s noticed,” Dani said. “Aaron’s a fairly rich guy who’s been emotionally manipulated by a Talented One. We’ve already discussed it and we understand if you feel a certain… responsibility. But he’s not Henry Avery.”

Milena’s heart sank as she met Dani’s eyes. On top of the sick feeling, guilt hit her like a brick to the face. Henry Avery’s name always had that effect on her.

“That’s not what this is about.”

“Isn’t it?” Dani smiled softly. “Nobody would blame you if you feel guilty here, but this one isn’t your fault. That assassin woman’s been manipulating him. Not you.”

“It’s not about him,” Milena said, but she wasn’t being honest. Not anymore.

Janus went to put a hand on her shoulder. “You can send the application, but don’t worry. Fineman’s safe. You’ve done good work here, very good.”



He shot her a small smile, a rare thing from him. Dani nodded as he left.

“He’s right, you know. You’ve done super well and we’re proud of you. Aaron’s alive because of you.”

Then she left the room as well. There was a lump in the pit of Milena’s stomach. She had been feeling guilty because of her loss of control; she had been feeling guilty because of her lying to them and to Aaron. Henry Avery hadn’t even factored into it, but now it all came flooding back.

Though Aaron and Henry looked nothing alike, their features and their personalities started to blend in her head. Her past crimes weighed more on her than they had since she had been caught. She had to set her jaw and grab the table behind her hard to stop herself from breaking down. Now, more than ever, she was determined to tell Aaron the truth.



Aaron snuck out again two days later to seek comfort with the only people who seemed to care. The only people who answered his questions.

It felt like falling into a warm bed after a long, cold trek through the wilderness. The sound of his friends’ voices wrapped around him. Siobhan’s sweet smile followed him as he sat down in front of the bars. She moved to be close to him.

“Hi Aaron.”


“How are things?” she asked.


Her eyebrow flew up. “You don’t seem too sure about that. Have you talked to them?”

Aaron couldn’t get a word out. His short conversation with Milena had been no help. Then he had decided to look up these so-called police officers, but nothing had come up. No social media profiles, no articles, no mentions of them on the pages for local police. As far as he could tell, they didn’t exist.

“I’m sorry,” Siobhan said, moving closer to the bars. “She wouldn’t tell you anything, would she?”

Aaron hung his head. “She said that… Well, she… You were right.”


“You’re not safe there,” said Nate from the other cell. “You need to get out.”

“I don’t think there’s a need. They told me today they’re leaving in a couple of days.” As soon as Aaron had said it, Siobhan started.


“They’re leaving my house. Because there’s been no other attacks, they think I’m safe. They’re leaving.”

She looked around wildly and he noted that Nate was getting up in the other cell. “You’re kidding. Please, say it’s not true.” She covered her face. “Oh, please no. No…”

“Guys… what…?”

“They’re going to take us away from here,” Nate said. “When they leave, we leave, too. Whether we want to or not.”

Panic welled up in Aaron. “But they can’t.”


“Oh god. What’re they… Aaron, they’re going to hurt you,” Siobhan said, looking up with tears streaming down her face. “You can’t trust them. Get out. They’ll kill you and we’re dead as soon as they take us away from here.”

He shouldn’t trust them. Even though the rational part of him told him that it had happened, that they hurt him, his instincts were another matter. The thought of just leaving them behind and distrusting them made him feel sick to his stomach.

He took Siobhan’s hand through the bars and kissed it.

“What about you?” he whispered.

She looked up, a beautiful smile lighting up her eyes.

“We’ll get by.”

“You said that they’ll kill you. I can’t let them. If I’m getting away from here, you’re both going with me.”


“A-Aaron…” she looked away, sobbing into her hand.

“I’ll find a way. I’ll find a key to these cells.”

“Be careful,” Nate said. “If they find out…”

Aaron just nodded and stood up. He took another look at the two. His best friends were behind bars, and his house was occupied by a group of false cops. Milena Hartfield’s words rang in his ears, and he couldn’t help but be haunted by her sincerity when she said that he had to trust them. But…

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

He had made his decision.

Author’s note: Hi guys, here I am! Back again!

Well, I probably won’t be pumping out a chapter a day anytime soon, but I’m starting to feel more… human. As you might know if you’re following NotJustaBookSims, I’ve been struggling with some things (getting my driver’s license, mainly). Also, I bought Sims 4 on sale, so I’ve been playing that a lot.

Anyway, I’ll try and get into writing and shooting photos again. I feel better by now, but I might not be back to posting regularly. Sorry about that. See you in the next chapter 🙂


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  1. If it were up to me, I’d say take as much time as you need. But, it’s not.

    ANYWAYS, love the chapter! Aaron, you really need to trust them… They know what’s best…

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