CHAPTER NINE | The Fighter


“Aaron, get up.”

Aaron thought he had never heard a song as melodious as her voice right now. He turned his head and that’s when he noticed that Siobhan didn’t stop him. She was frozen over him, her limbs twisted with the strain of fighting against Milena’s power. The fake police detective stood a few metres away, hand stretched out towards them.

He scrambled away from his former girlfriend. Siobhan tried to hold onto him, but it was futile. Milena moved her hand and his two former friends fell to their knees.

“Aaron, come over here. They can’t touch you now.”


He stood up and wiped his face with his sleeve.

“I-I’m so sorry. I should have-”

She cut him off, and he noticed the beads of sweat on her forehead. “There’s no time. I’ll hold them down, and I need you to run away from here and get to safety. Do not go home – go somewhere safe and stay there until I find you. Don’t tell anyone where you are.”

He saw his former friends twitch, but a flick of Milena’s wrist kept them down. The look on her face never changed.

Aaron hesitated. “Are you… going to be okay?”

“I’ve got this. Just go – run. Get out of here and go to someone you trust. I’ll find you.”


Just then Siobhan made a lunge, and Aaron darted away from there.

By the time he made it to the main road, sweat soaked his shirt through and his lungs burnt, but he kept running. He didn’t stop even when his body screamed in pain and he didn’t look back at all until he stood on the doorstep of the one house he had been able to think of.

He heaved heavily by the time Isabelle Grava, local author and his ex-girlfriend, came to the door.

There was an annoyed, sleepy look in her eyes but it disappeared when she saw who it was and what state he was in.

“Aaron! Aaron, by the… are you okay?”



When Milena was sure that Aaron was gone, she lowered her hands while still holding the two assassins down.

“Who sent you?” she asked. She got no reply.

With a sigh, she stuck her hand into her pocket. Her vision was swimming a bit, but she kept her Talent burning while she dug out her phone and called Dani.

“Dani, the assassins got out. I’m at the school.” Before her partner could get a word in, she hung up and returned the phone.


Then she turned to the assassins again.

“Look, trust me, all of this will be much more fun for you guys if you cooperate, so just tell me who sent you.”

“How stupid do you think we are?” Siobhan asked her, sneering. She seemed to be going for cold and tough, but you could tell that she was constantly straining against Milena’s Talent. “Trust me, this will be much easier if you and the League stay out of our business.”

Milena shook her head. “I don’t really think you’re in a position to threaten me.”

Nate snorted and she snapped her gaze to him. He smiled. “You can’t hold us like this forever.”

Anger flared in Milena’s chest, and she pushed harder on the both of them, smiling when one of them let out a moan of pain.

A sudden rush of delight shot through her. Her Talent flared inside of her, pushing so hard on her captives that one of them let out a scream.


The scream that would have normally torn her out of it just sent shivers down her spine. A small part of her recognised that she was losing control, but she pushed it back and her Talent burnt white-hot.

Now they didn’t scream anymore. Siobhan’s mouth was open in horror as she struggled for breath, and Nathan curled up in a ball on the ground. A smile crept onto Milena’s face. Even as something inside her begged for her to stop, the desire to crush these two was greater.

Thinking about Aaron only made her more determined. He had suffered so much because of them and he was hurting now, knowing that his friends had betrayed him again. For that alone, these two deserved to die.

They were dying. Laughter rippled through the air as she realised that. Pale faces and big eyes full of fear didn’t deter her. Nothing would.

That was, until her Talent stopped working.

It was a sudden change, but she didn’t notice right away. Her Talent fell away, and the thrill died with it. Siobhan realised it, too, and she got up, shaking her head.

Milena became very aware of how clammy she was; of how dark it was around her. She tried to use her Talent again, but nothing happened. Her hands shook slightly as she raised them towards the two assassins. Still nothing.

Nathan flung out a hand next to her, trying to use his own Talent. It didn’t work either.

He locked eyes with her, then looked down at his gun.


Milena spun on her heel and ran, zigzagging, hearing bullets zip past and miss. She thought she was getting away, when suddenly a sharp burning sensation grazed her arm. The ground rushed up to meet her, and her hand, breaking the fall, made a nasty cracking sound. Her own screams sounded far away to her ears, mixing with the footsteps of the two assassins that ran towards her.

She looked up to find a gun pointed at her face.

And just then, her Talent came back just as suddenly as it had disappeared. She swung her arm, throwing Nathan and Siobhan back, and she jumped to her feet. Dizziness overcame her for a second.

“Run, for goodness’ sake!” A voice seemed to shout at her. “Stupid girl, run!”

It was so distant, it might as well just be in her head, but she obeyed the voice, took a step and shook her head to dispel the dizziness. She threw another push at the assassins and ran.

Running seemed to be harder than anything she had ever done. With every step she had to consciously stop herself from keeling over and remind herself to run in a straight line. She stumbled off the main road and through a wooded area, turned down all the small side streets to get away. After what felt like hours of running, she realised she was alone.


Her legs collapsed on her, and she crept up against a wall to check on her wounds. The sleeve of her shirt was torn and bloody, but the wound seemed shallow. Pain pulsing through her wrist reminded her that that was much worse; it could be sprained, maybe even broken.

She got out her phone and had a look at it. It was cracked, but functional, and it had two calls waiting for her. When she called back, it was picked up immediately.


“Milena?” Aaron’s voice said.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“You sound terrible. Are they…?” He let the sentence trail off.

Milena nodded before realising that he couldn’t see her. “I think I lost them. You’re safe.”

“Where are you?”

She looked around, but there wasn’t a sign nearby, nor any buildings she recognised. “I don’t know, but I’ll find you soon.”

“Describe the place.”

Looking around, she tried her best. Told him of the brick wall behind her and the white house across from the road. Anything she could see.

“I know where you are – I’m coming.”

Before she could tell him to stay put, he had hung up.


Less than ten minutes later, he knelt down in front of her and reached out a hand. Though not as finely groomed as usual, he’d had the time to wash his face and change his shirt.

“You can walk, right?”

She nodded and grabbed his hand, grateful for his steadying her when she got up. Even though her legs were okay, the dizziness still came to her now and again.

“There was no need for you to come out here,” she said, leaning on him for support as they walked to his ex-girlfriend’s house.

“I owe you. If you hadn’t come when you did…”

“It’s my job.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m not grateful.”

Aaron found her hand and gave it a little squeeze. Her face flooded with heat, and not just because of his always radiant smile.

Author’s note: Hi guys! I suck! I don’t have any kind of excuse for my lax posting ethics. I’m doing another project lately that I’d like to keep quiet for now, but when I’ve done more of it, I’d like to share it with you guys as well.
This chapter’s fairly short, especially in regards to pictures and I’m sorry. I just could not get this one right – I’m still not happy with it, but I just had to get it out there. Someday, I might come back and re-write, but for now, this is what it is 🙂


13 thoughts on “CHAPTER NINE | The Fighter

  1. Milena is so badass, I love it. And poor Aaron, he just keeps getting into more and more trouble. It’s a good thing Milena is good at what she does. I’m excited to read more!


  2. Wow, Milena’s dark side had been already hinted at but man, she was scary in this chapter! I loved it! Also hmm… I wonder what made their Talents stop working. I just have to keep reading! 🙂


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