I Suck :D


Hi guys, here I am, back after a while. By a while I mean like… two – soon to be three – months. I don’t have a chapter for you even though I’ve tried.

Some updates on stuff that happened that has made me suck so bad I don’t write much:

  • That puppy we were getting: Soon as we got him, boyfriend broke down with stress. The only responsible thing we could do was give him back. It was horrible and we’ve cried so much since. Boyfriend is recovering. I don’t like talking about the puppy-thing.
  • Ill: Soon as we got by the puppy thing and I finished my exam, boyfriend and I both spent the days before/during Christmas being sick. What a time to be alive. I had no energy for writing.
  • Lecturer from hell: Not only do I have more days where I have to go to uni this year, they also suck! One of our lecturers enjoys nothing more than his students living in fear. I do it. Live in fear. Also, his class is boring as all hell.

Now, I have time to write and I did, in fact, write two whole chapters (minus pictures). Problem is I think they suck and can’t be bothered to take pictures for chapters that suck, which’ll probably result in the fifty-billionth another rewrite.

I really, really want to continue the story, but right now, I just don’t know how. Maybe I’ll have to go back and do some edits. Maybe I’ll just do rewrites. Maybe I’ll burn down my blog. Who knows. But no matter what I’ll get it somehow. SO!

For now I’m on an indefinite hiatus (as if I haven’t been on one since, like, flippin’ December). Anyway – see you when I reduce my suckage to manageable amounts.



8 thoughts on “I Suck :D

  1. I hear ya! My story is also on permanent hiatus. RL is a bitch! We’re merging with our sister company, and my mentor, the HR manageress had her interview on Thursday, and Friday they told her she was unsuccessful T_T she’s been with the company for EIGHT YEARS!! But, she’s being very philosophical about it. She says she prayed and left it to God’s will and He has spoken, so, she knows it will all work out for the best eventually. Sorry, I’ve highjacked your thread O_O then again, highjacking is a South African speciality lol

    I’m sorry about the incident that must not be mentioned of the furry kind 😦 it’s so easy to get attached and then to have to give him up O_O eish…

    You just do whatcha gotta do, and we’ll all be here when you have the time!
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    1. Thanks Mags 🙂 So many things get in the way of writing. Fortunately, I do have some ideas for how to sort out my story… though I am afraid what readers will say to me incessant rewrites/edits 😛


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