Milena Hartfield is a Talented One, a person who has access to five magical Talents. After years of abusing her abilities, Milena has reformed and joined The League of Talented, a group of people who keep Talented Ones in check and make sure that normal people don’t know about them.

When Milena and her partners are sent to prevent the assassination of one Aaron Fineman, it seems a perfect opportunity to make up for past mistakes. However, when she starts falling for Aaron, she struggles with keeping her Talents a secret, and she soon realises that her and Aaron’s fates are intertwined.


In August 2014 I started writing The Hartfields. It was a straight sims 3 storybased legacy where I was going to play the game, take pictures and tell a story. Add some romance, a half-assed magic system, and some time travel and you have the mess I ended up with. At some point I stopped playing normally but still wanted to stick with the legacy roots of the story. By the time of 2016, the story had grown so convoluted and confusing that I started losing interest. That, kids, is your brain on time travel.

That’s when the rewrite came about. Bye time travel plots, bye rainbow sims, bye legacy format. The story is basically the same, but with corrections of all the stuff that went wrong for me the first time around. The story is still multi-generational, but all the legacy stuff – babies, weddings, upbringings – are left out unless they’re relevant to the story.

I’m not generally one to include very sensitive topics. There’s a dash of blood and a bunch of angst, but nothing too bad. However, in the case that I do include more sensitive topics or excessive blood/violence, I’ll post warnings at the beginnings of chapters.


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